View Full Version : Fasting for peace

9-6-13, 1:18pm
Will anyone be joining the Catholic Fast for Peace in Syria on September 7?

I am not Catholic, but do intend to fast and pray for peace (in Syria and around the world) tomorrow.

9-6-13, 1:40pm
I saw this on Facebook and it said prayer and fasting, so I will be praying that peace happens in this situation....thanks Gardenarian

9-6-13, 3:11pm
Yes--so GLAD you brought this up! I am a lapsed Catholic (but "you can take the girl out of the Catholic faith but you can't take the Catholic faith out of the girl"--especially true in my case.)

I am so happy to see Pope Francis take a stand and I believe he has real potential to be a transformative leader of the Church. I am planning to pray and fast in solidarity with his plea for peace.

9-7-13, 12:01am
I am Catholic and our family will be participating. Even my kids are choosing to give something up (not food, too young for that) and pray for peace.

If those of you who are praying wouldn't mind remembering the family of my childhood friend Melody in your prayers, I would appreciate it. I got an email that many of them have made it out of Syria and are in Lebanon, but several of them are missing.

9-7-13, 8:00am
Yes, we are observing the call for fasting and prayer today.