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1-1-11, 3:32pm
I hope to take advantage of all of you this year :) as I try to get back to basics in my simple living journey. Things have gotten a lot more complicated as my kids get older, and of course it's because I'm complicating them. This year my goals are:

1) Continuing to declutter, selling some items and donating most.
2) Getting a job. I'm a tech writer and trainer, but haven't worked full-time in 9 years. This week I'll be finishing my resumes (one for tech writing, one for training, and one in case I need it for administrative). Older dd goes to college in 2 1/2 years, I have health insurance through dh, but I need more cash for college.
3) Improving my space through creative repurposing. I want to love what I see around me (other than my kids, of course).
4) Daily 1 mile or more walks. I hate cold weather and the dog (that's my avatar, Jesse) can't deal with extreme temperatures or too much cold on his feet. This is a discipline thing for me, and I use the carrot of a cup of coffee downtown for me and a cookie at the pet supply store for Jesse.

I have other goals, but for now these four will have the greatest impact with the simplest path to success (I hope).

Today's success: I write a newsletter once a month for a local business. $100 made this morning. :cool:

1-2-11, 9:05am
We appear to be in the same boat, although I think mine is still slowly sinking! Actually wanted to start the walking bit today, but woke up to rain...oh, well. >8)

1-2-11, 11:24am
Check your In box. :)

1-2-11, 6:39pm
Love your journal 24prins!

1-3-11, 4:37pm
Thanks Mrs. M!

1-7-11, 10:26am
7 days into the new year and not one thing on my list accomplished, other than starting to paint a room (which my dh did). :doh: I can't complain too much, though, since I've been really busy communing with my community and at the kids' basketball games. That's one of the main goals for me in working towards a simpler life: so I can spend more time with family, friends and community. Once we're in basketball season I spend a lot of time watching my girls from the bench. Next month I join my younger dd in the mother-daughter basketball game, so I'd better get my walking on!