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3-8-11, 9:16pm
I guess that's what's up. She is stonewalling me on communications, and it's driving me nuts. I'm the Devo Director, and she is general staff support, but not my direct report. Our ED is a super nice fellow, totally conflict avoidant, and not really an ED, more of an academic and National program director. Today he told me "There are no bosses here". Uh, yeah. That would be the problem.

I rely on her to get some things done. We have an event this week, and she won't tell me who her volunteers are or let me communicate with them. And is refusing to set up the check-in procedure the way I need it to happen TO DO MY ****ING JOB. I'm just making the decision to do what I need to do. I'm informing her tomorrow by email, as she has a second job - her career position - isn't in the office this week, and won't be on site at the event until just before it starts. I hope she can deal with it...

I am sick of this BS. Someone needs to grow a pair and just get it done.

3-9-11, 9:41am
What is a Devo director? I keep thinking of that band Devo.

3-9-11, 12:24pm
Ha! I want the Red Hat. Development - it's the trade term for fundraising. We develop relationships - with individuals, foundations & corporations - to then make asks & write grants.

Zoe Girl
3-9-11, 9:39pm
Ahh, those relationships are the lifeblood of what you do then and it sounds like she is really being difficult. I have been loving the books Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations. I think there is hope of working out a working deal with some very difficult people with the help of these books, and I am the one who usually says someone is impossible.

3-10-11, 9:08am
When I read your post, I thought it was from my dd. She is also a devo person and is dealing with the exact same issue. I told her I think that person might be jealous of her and is making things difficult on purpose. DD has only been there three years and rose quickly whereas the difficult person has been there ten years and refuses to be cooperative.

iris lily
3-10-11, 9:52am
If it gets too much for ya'll, I hear there's a devo job at NPR...