View Full Version : Stay safe everyone in the path.........

11-17-13, 11:18am
Some of the Mississippi and Ohio valleys are under a strong risk for severe weather today. Everyone in that area, be safe!

Sad Eyed Lady
11-17-13, 12:59pm
Thanks CathyA, we are certainly keeping an eye to the sky (and the weather channel) today.

iris lilies
11-17-13, 1:50pm
Happy to report that a big wind came through with torrential rain, for about 3 minutes. Enough to take down part of the tree in front of my house. YAY! 1 big limb down, 3 more to go.

11-17-13, 2:19pm
The skies let loose this morning while I was at church. A tornado watch was issued just before I left for church. I put my important.papers, laptop, and pistol in my bathroom. Flash flood warning. We have a tornado warning now. Bears game has been stopped and 60K fans made to evacuate stands and take shelter in concourse.

Tornado touch downs downstate IL from where I am in the Chicago area.

11-17-13, 6:29pm
We had thunderstorms, really nice ones, mid-day. It is still raining a bit. Tornado activity all around us, but none here.

11-17-13, 6:55pm
We had a lot of rain and wind, but fortunately no damage......however there were tornadoes in the area that did some damage.