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11-28-13, 10:48am
For me, Thanksgiving is about friendship and sharing food and laughter. This, then, is why I wrote this about a cherished holiday:

Thanks Giving for Friends

Give me these cinnamon-scented days
with their fall of golden light
and ginger leaves drifting down.
Grant me these velvet starry nights
while I nest and pull high the comforter.

Oh these Thanksgiving days
give me pause to think of you
my spicy friends of all the seasons
we spiral dancers of moon and sun.

Pile on the gravy and the dressing
Pass me the sweet and the mashed.
Pies of pumpkin, apple and pecan
Oh my! Fill my plate full and high.

For you who nourish all my days
I whisper words of gratitude
And especially now, when I feel
so filled with home-cooked love.

--Patti Frank
copyright 2008

Sad Eyed Lady
11-28-13, 9:47pm
Thanks HappyHiker, that was lovely. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday too. The sad thing is I no longer have family to share it with, just DH and myself. The last three or four years we have gotten together with an old friend who is also alone, and that has worked out great. Thanks again for the beautiful poem.

11-29-13, 11:08am
Ditto, wonderful sentiments.
Reminded me to check out one of my favorite sites, poetryfoundation.org, for similar poems. I liked this one, "In Harvest":


11-29-13, 11:24am
Thanks! Yes, with my remaining family scattered and far away and into doing their own thing, our Thanksgiving over the years has been spent with our new "family of choice"--friends. It's quite lovely that way, making our own traditions. No family drama can be relaxing, if you know what I mean.

Yesterday was more a Southern Thanksgiving, perfect for North Carolina. The usual line-up of dishes also included sweet potato biscuits and collards...both delicious.

The male part of the twosome who hosted requested I bring his favorite dessert, banana pudding, as part of the dessert mix. Made it for the first time. It was pretty good...along with the pumpkin pie I just had to have, of course!

Did anyone have some different dishes for T'Day this year?

11-29-13, 11:17pm
Thanksgiving is my favorite too! I always do something active (Turkey trot or hike) then eat with family and friends. It's all about good food and good conversation.