View Full Version : How much Tip for a $15 haircut?

3-10-11, 12:36pm
How much would you tip for a $15 haircut?

3-10-11, 12:56pm
my sweetie says he tips $2.....I generally tip $3 on a $15 haircut at one of the chain places, if I get a haircut there. I pretty much go 20% on most everything. And more than that for exceptional service.

3-10-11, 1:16pm
Probably around $3.

3-10-11, 3:13pm
I normally tip 20% for a haircut, but $15 is such a bargain, I would probably tip $5.

3-10-11, 3:15pm
I get a haircut for $16 and give her $20 and tell her to keep it. I also say that sometime I may not be able to tip her as much so she'll cut me some slack...

3-10-11, 4:04pm
If it is the owner of establishment it is not necessary to tip but if it is an employee it is customary. I have gone to the same hairdresser for years and I do not tip each time. I wait until Christmas and usually give her $100 or so for tips throughout the year and as a Christmas gift. I figure it's always nice to have extra cash for the holidays. If I were to tip every time I would agree with the others that $2-$3 is good for a $15 haircut.

3-10-11, 5:17pm
I tip $5, but I "really" like my stylist...and he does a spectacular job.

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3-11-11, 10:22pm
Another vote for a $2-$3 tip.

3-12-11, 12:31am
I cut my hair and my partner's hair, so we don't pay for haircuts or give tips for haircuts. If I were to pay, I'd tip 20%.

3-13-11, 4:35pm
$5. Haircutting is a hard job, standing on your feet, having to really please each customer.

3-14-11, 1:03am
I'm a guy with short hair, my cut is $15 and I tip $2.

3-15-11, 3:24pm
I tip $5 for a regular trim, and $15 when I get a perm. I really like the gal that styles my hair and have been going to her for years. She owns the shop, but I still tip her. I work in a service industry myself, I know how nice it is to get a decent tip when I've worked hard to please someone.

3-15-11, 6:58pm
One of my friends years ago had worked in the service industry and told me to tip 20%, so I do.

HOWEVER.... I got my hair cut recently by the owner of this salon. He had cut my hair once a year and a half ago. I took a picture of that cut, and bring the picture whenever I have someone else cut it.

I walked into his salon recently, and he happened to be free. He is sooooooo good. The cut was $37, I tipped him $13. I think he was a little surprised, since I told him my last cut was 5 months ago, and it was at one of those cheapo places (when I was on vacation).

He now knows my name. I want to make sure I get him next time! :+1:

3-15-11, 9:53pm
HAH.....I've shown this thread to my sweetie and told him from now on he has to cough up a bit more coin....he's tipping like an old geezer.......

I've usually only tipped $3 for a haircut, but always tip $10-15 for a perm, because it ties up the operator for such a length of time.....a fifteen minute haircut is one thing, but a perm often takes an hour and a half or more, with little time to cut hair in between. After reading this thread, think I'll up my $3 for a haircut a bit more, too.

3-16-11, 8:37am
$2 tip for a $13 haircut without hair wash in advance or hair dry after.