View Full Version : Hello, From the High Dessert!! I am glad to find this website!

12-30-13, 7:11pm
I have been working on down sizing for several years. When my house hold baggage arrived, I was amazed at how many side tables, nic nacs, and "STUFF" that I owned. Now that I have retired from the Army Reserves, I have only one income. I am trying to become debt free and only own what I need! So, I was excited when I found this site!! I am looking forward to reading all the helpful hints.cow-hi

12-30-13, 7:38pm
Welcome to the 'hood', Onyons!

12-30-13, 8:22pm
Hi onyons, welcome to the boards. Know that you will find a lot of great information and inspiration here!

Teacher Terry
12-30-13, 8:36pm
Welcome-you will find lots of good ideas/discussions:))

12-31-13, 9:09am
Welcome! Nothing like moving stuff you don't need to encourage minimalism!

12-31-13, 4:38pm
Hi Onyons! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in decluttering and getting those bills paid off!

1-5-14, 8:30pm
Thanks for the warm welcome!

1-16-14, 12:12pm
Welcome Onyons ! Simple and debt free is the way to go. Greetings from La Grande Oregon.

1-16-14, 12:28pm
Hi, Onyons! I spent a number of years in the high desert myself...Pahrump, Nevada, in fact, but now in Israel. If you ever go to the Salvation Army store in Pahrump, you'll probably see a lot of my old clothes and knicknacks still floating around those shelves!