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3-11-11, 1:30pm
I think I may have come across a brilliant & simple solution to the cat hair accumulation on our two fav TV chairs. We put a clean round cat bed with sides all around it on one of the chairs and it appears that the cat prefers it to just the chair. When we're watching tv we put it on the floor and just need to put it back when we go to bed. DH is picking up another one today for the other cat. These two chairs are their favorite sleeping spots.

3-11-11, 8:10pm
I also have 'kitty beds' about the house so the 2 cats will nap where I want them too. I generally use clean, old towels as the covering. They seem to like them relatively fresh - they sleep someplace else if they get too kitty stale.

3-11-11, 9:48pm
I suppose vacuuming the cat is out?

3-11-11, 11:06pm
Nice one, Redfox! There was an old gizmo called a "Flowbee" that sucked up your hair into a helmet to facilitate haircuts at home (don't ask me how this works, I just remember a friend telling me about it). Maybe someone could invent a Flowbee for cats, LOL!

3-12-11, 7:46am
The cats love to sit on our laps when we watch TV and we take advantage of this by combing their coats with a pet comb we keep in the table nearby. It has greatly reduced the on the floor cat hair which is why we've turned our attention to the upholstery.

3-21-11, 7:50am
This is very successful! Significant reduction of cat hair on chairs. I used to dread watching tv with better clothes on esp. corduroy pants!

3-21-11, 1:19pm
The last cat we had shred at will I swear...we combed and brushed with some success...the best answer was the link rollers (not really green but,) the ones that you tear off the sheet and get a fresh one.
Costco had the best and cheapest ones, with 4 rolls with the most sheets for $10.00-$13.00 and even with cat they lasted forever and of course you need one at work and at the door for your clothes or you are covered with the hair yourself.
p.s. I did have a kitten we got when very young and I did start her with the vacuum with the curtain attachment on it and she actually loved it. She would come running when I turned on the vacuum...hehe
Did not work when I tried it on older cats..not good to even try...they have sharp claws...not lol

3-21-11, 1:56pm
what are link rollers?

3-21-11, 5:32pm
a roll of sticky paper that you use and tear off and there is another one...work great...but not neccessarily green or frugal...but simple especially for aniamal owners..

3-21-11, 7:42pm
Kally/Danna - I think you mean lint rollers.

1-25-13, 2:31am
For my kittens, I noticed they love to sleep in boxes! I have bought several kitty beds for them but they ignored them without taking a second glance. I decided to donate the kitty beds to animal shelters instead and recycle boxes from my workplace into pretty little DIY kitty beds. Since then, they have been staying away from the sofa or any other furniture sets like rugs or beds. And yes I agree, they like "fresh" places. So I sun out the boxes to give them a refreshing and clean scent.

1-25-13, 5:53am
Vacuum the cat. Our last one was a long haired tabby, sort of trying to be a Maine Coon in his alter-ego. He just loved to be vacuumed! As for lint rollers. I wind brown parcel tape around my hand and dab at stray hairs etc with that. Works a treat for me.

A little aside. My dad always said "Never trust a man who trys to sell you a vacuum cleaner. Have you ever seen a vacuum that needed to be cleaned???"

1-25-13, 12:28pm
Our solution was to get a leather couch. :) Not only do the cats pretty much avoid it, but if there is ever fur on it, it just brushes right off. But the cat-bed-on-top-of-furniture solution is great, too.


1-25-13, 9:37pm
Selah ... a good friend has a Flowbee that she uses to cut her hair (shortish) and it looks beautiful all the time! She keeps offering to let me try it ...

EDIT: her hair looks beautiful -- not the Flowbee :D