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1-10-14, 11:07pm
As of today, we are DEBT FREEEEEE!!!!! We had paid off our house in CO a few years ago but until today were still dealing with the money pit from hell of a house in Phoenix (where we had unhappily lived for 3 years). We sold the house today!!! It certainly wasn't cheap-the woman at the bank helping do the wire transfer referred to "the sellers" and I responded, "we are the sellers". Oh. Usually the sellers aren't looking to wire >$10,000 but that's what happened. So, bank account is looking a little sparse but we are debt free, phone-call-regarding-failing/vandalized A/C, drug dealers, destructive renters, and on and on. It feels pretty great!

1-10-14, 11:11pm
Congrats! It is truly a great feeling:-)

1-10-14, 11:32pm
Woo hoo! Yay! Congrats! :)

Happy Snoopy Dance Time. :D

iris lilies
1-11-14, 12:36am
It's great and so you had to empty some of your bank account to be rid of the albatross, good! It's freeing and worth it.

1-11-14, 12:56am
Yaaay. Way to go.

1-11-14, 6:55am
Wonderful news. Sometimes you have to take a few steps backward but now you can plan your steps forward.

1-11-14, 7:08am
Congratulations, RosieTR! What a WONDERFUL feeling! I know what it's like to FINALLY extricate oneself from a house gone bad...such a fabulous weight off the mind, heart and shoulders! :) Well done!

1-11-14, 7:32am
Congratulations, Rosie! I know that house has been a burden to you for quite some time.

1-11-14, 9:27am
:cool:Way to Go!!!:cool:

1-11-14, 10:09am
Albatrosses can be a real pain so congrats on the unloading of this one!

Blackdog Lin
1-11-14, 10:47am
I am so happy for you! What a weight off your shoulders, eh?!!!

1-11-14, 4:54pm
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

1-11-14, 5:57pm

1-11-14, 6:32pm
So glad to hear that weight has been lifted.

1-11-14, 8:14pm
I am so glad for you, Rosie!

Simply Divine
1-11-14, 8:35pm
That is awesome! :cool:

1-11-14, 8:40pm
Congrats! I happy for you.

1-11-14, 8:46pm
Great news, RosieTR. That's a big milestone, and I know you and your hubby will really enjoy not having to worry about dealing with that house any longer.

1-11-14, 9:14pm

1-13-14, 12:04am
Thanks all! Since not everyone IRL knows we are completely debt free for various reasons, it's nice to share here. I know I've had inspiration from seeing other folks reach this milestone so I say keep on keeping on if you're working on this goal. You can do it!

1-13-14, 12:24am
So happy for you, RosieTR! Now you need to find a poster that says "We DID it!" to serve as your avatar!

1-14-14, 11:37pm
So happy for you, RosieTR! Now you need to find a poster that says "We DID it!" to serve as your avatar!

Yes, maybe I'll have to think about that. I think I changed my username (used to be thesweetooth) and avatar around when we came to the New Road Map server, but it also had to do with the move.

1-15-14, 12:01am
Congrats!! Does that mean that Rosie no longer has to rivet for a living? But keep the avatar as I have always loved it!