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3-12-11, 5:36am
If you work at a casual dress workplace and get an internal interview, would you dress up for that like you would for a normal interview? I may have another opportunity coming my way - don't know if I will have advance notice of an interview but if so I will be able to plan what to wear. It seems like wearing a suit would be kind of geeky, but I don't know. On the other hand, I do want to convey that I take the position seriously.

3-12-11, 5:39am
My husband said he would dress in his best casual bordering on business formal and with perfect hair and such. The saying I have always heard was dress for the position you want and not the one you have.

How about pressed khakis with a new polo shirt? Or maybe ask some favorite manager who is higher in the organization and ask them.

3-12-11, 10:09am

3-22-11, 8:40pm
ALWAYS dress up well for an interview, even if it is for McDonald's. :D

3-22-11, 10:13pm
Yes, yes, yes!!!!