View Full Version : Happy Valentine's Day!

2-14-14, 11:39pm
Happy Valentine's Day! Did you do anything special? My city has a big celebration, with snow carving and several sporting events (swim meets, community runs, etc) so it's actually pretty fun. Because downtown is kind of congested I am thinking I may do a training run to see the snow sculptures and stuff. Other than that, not planning too much. Our anniversary is next week so will think of something to do for that once the hoopla dies down.

2-14-14, 11:53pm
All alone on Vday here.

Teacher Terry
2-15-14, 12:14am
My hubby actually planned a special day. WE did lunch, 2 movies & dinner out. More things then we usually do in a month. It was very fun & special.

2-15-14, 1:28am
Meh. Had a bout of GI upset due to funky food at a marginal pub last night. Left work early, slept, had some light dinner, things are improving. My husband did leave me two small gifts this morning, complete out of character for him. And appreciated!

iris lilies
2-15-14, 9:44am
We went out with a large group of friends to the local ballet company's Valentine's Day production. It was nice.