View Full Version : Clutter and roommates?

3-14-11, 12:12am
I've been involved in a slow but steady ongoing process of simplifying my life, reducing clutter, etc.
I currently have roommates and it seems like as my clutter diminishes, theirs accumulates. This is probably partially because they are indeed accumulating, and partially because as I pare down I am just more sensitive to clutter in general so I notice their stuff more.

Any easy solutions to this, other than 'accept it'? ;)

3-14-11, 12:33am
Have you talked with you roomies about the impact their clutter is having on you? And, what would 'easy solutions' look like to you?

3-14-11, 12:51am
No I haven't talked to them specifically about it, I just have noticed I feel a bit of a 'twinge' when I see them bringing home more stuff, "found treasures" from work, etc.
I try to reframe it in a positive way: the stuff they bring makes me more motivated to cull my own items. I also think about the future, and how the de-cluttering skills I'm building now will really be able to blossom when I don't have roommates --- it will be a much more obvious change in my surroundings when it is only my stuff at hand.
And asking for 'easy solutions' was a bit facetious of me ... I know I'm not going to change them. I think one of the reasons I feel the twinge is because I see in them the tendencies I struggle with moderating in myself: wanting to take advantage of good deals, have spare parts for things, have other non-essential items 'just in case' etc.

3-14-11, 1:45am
Ah, good realizations. Then I would say that the roommates bringing home clutter is exactly what you need right now as a reminder to be grateful for your new stance in life, and the opportunity to be in these new awarenesses. So perhaps thanking them - silently - is in order!