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  1. Iím going to ask Alan to delete my stuff, as soon as I message a few people. Iím done. ďCoupĒ thread was the end of the road for me.

    Iím messaging a few people in case they want to stay in touch. Weíre both Phoenix people and Iíve appreciated your sense of social justice.

    My email is I tweet at @TammySchoch. Instagram is tammy.schoch.

    I wish you the best.
  2. If you ever miss work because of going to a protest, let me know and Iíll cover your missed pay.

    The few times Iíve done the Heart Walk or something similar Iíve had a migraine for the next day or so - because of overheating and the direct sun. So I stay in the shade and donít march. But what I can do is cover your pay so you can march.

    I canít believe whatís happening on our borders. It makes me so angry. How can this be America?!?

    Someday weíll meet in person. We are living in each otherís backyards.
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