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  1. But what a small world it is!!
  2. Hi Catherine. I am UCC (United Church of Christ, of which most New England Congregational churches are a part). If your son belongs to First Congregational in downtown Burlington, I should not be in touch with him at this time, as only the Search Committee is to know the names and details of the pastoral candidates...
    If I would become the selected (final) candidate, I could talk with him then!
  3. Hey, EarthSky!

    Yes, I will definitely connect you with my son.. not sure how you want to do that... and what denomination are you? My son is actually part of a Congregationalist church right in Burlington. I went to Christmas Eve service and it was great. We typically try to get up there at least a couple of times a year.

    Let me get my son's permission to share his name and contact info and I'll forward it to you.

    So glad I could help!
  4. Hi Catherine! Thanks again for sharing all your impressions of Vermont. I am an ordained minister, and would be moving there to serve a church in the area. I'd love to be in touch with your son, and hear more of his experiences. I am flying there in mid-April, but will spend most of my time with the church search committee.

    How often do you get there? With several children there, do you spend time there during holidays and the summers?
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