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Thread: A New Life?

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    Thanks, and good to hear from you all. The girls had a great time at their Grand Prix derby. Alana's bathtub won first prize for design, and Susie's elephant won third. The volunteers there make awesome milkshakes, too! So a good time was had by all. Last night they had a friend sleep over, so they have been busy, which is good because I am getting a cold and am glad they are busy.

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    Oh boy- oh boy- oh boy! So happy I am to see you back!!! I've thought of you so much over the past few months and even allowed myself to get sad over wondering what happened to you, so what a relief it is to see you here again!

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    domestic goddess... if I get the chance, I'll be setting up camp near by my daughter and her family, (for a few months out of each year), for the opportunities to watch my grandchildren play ball and attend this n that activity and soak it all in. I smile as I dream..... Love

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    Good to see you back!

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