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Thread: What are your favorite bike accessories?

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    I just tried out some of the Electra Go! hybrid bikes here. They seem to be a game-changer, they basically flatten out hills, of which we have plenty. Our local hard-core bike store is really into them. I'm quite tempted to say my favorite bicycle accessory is now the Bosch electric-drive system.

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    Electric bikes are the future! I ride mine in 100+ heat, not worrying about heat stroke. I love being able to zip across intersections. All the pluses of a regular bike with none of the negatives!

    One accessory that I think is really a must have is a rear-view mirror. It makes a tremendous difference when riding on roads. I will never ride a bike without one again.

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    Right now It would be studded tires, if I had them. When I finally decide what my winter bike should be, a pair of studded tires will be included.

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