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Thread: Lipstick from long-ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glo View Post
    I used to wear white lipstick; we used to think that was so cool. And the white eyeshadow was used under the brow and eyelids had blue or green eyeshadow. Did that white lipstick make our teeth look yellow? Remember how Mary Quant make up was the rage? (Do I have that name right?)
    Yes, Glo you are right. The white eyeshadow stuff was creamy and went under the brow and places to highlight. I don't think I even added the colored eyeshadow - just the stark white.
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    Ah yes, being A Woman of a Certain Age has its rewards! Yes, I used to set my hair on orange juice cans, too, and sit endless hours under a portable hairdryer with an inflatable hood. At night, I'd set my hair on toilet paper rolls as they could smash down and not keep me awake as the OJ cans did.

    What was truly uncomfortable were the shoes of the day--and I have the bunions to prove it. Did anyone else cram their square, or in my case, duck web-shaped feet into those cruel pointy toed creations so much in style in those days? Spike heels and needle toes did a number on my poor I love my comfy shoes and have worn no heels except of the slightest height only twice in the last year...

    Why do we women do those things willingly to ourselves? Victims of fashion for sure. Free at last!
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    Just happens I am watching the Victorian Farm TV show on link provided in another post and in at very end of episode link 13 ish min + and then to next Ep3 part 2 first 4 mins she makes hand cream then rose coloured lip balm.

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