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Thread: The Daily Rave

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    I can’t be without a dog. I love them sitting in my lap and following me around.

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    We just got back from a trip to Europe and I have to rave about the European TSA and airport check in at Charles DeGaulle airport. The TSA was friendly, fast, competent, and did not treat us like we were living in a police state. We even missed one step in the check in process and the gate attendant walked us over to get our sticker and brought us back so we did not have to stand in line again. Might help that we have grey hair and are older but that never seems to make a differnence in the USA.

    Oh, and we were often asked if we needed help, offered seats in a variety of public transport and treated extremely well by everyone. Wonder where the comments come from that Paris treats its tourist badly? Maybe it is better to travel in the off season where the tourists are few and far between?

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    That is great that you hadsuch a good experience!

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    My tires, which despite being over a year old got me up the unplowed hill and into my driveway on the first try in our most serious snowstorm yet this season.

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