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Thread: I'm moving north for a man.

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    Congrats on the house!
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    Must have been a very big decision for you. Good luck!

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    Oh wow, it's been a long time since I posted an update. I've been busy and a lot has happened.

    November - we were staying at a furnished apartment (SO wasn't eligible to get all his stuff moved down until December) and a major pipe burst right above us and ran for 45 minutes. Our apartment was completely flooded. They gutted the floor we were on down to studs. We had to evacuate in a hurry with the bare essentials. Luckily to our house. We were able to go back the next day and get most of our things. SO lost a few thousand in technology, but otherwise things were okay. We were very lucky we had the house to crash at. We did the total minimalist thing for the next month - air mattress, 1 table, 2 chairs, very basic kitchen stuff.
    I also did my first business trip, and renting a car in an unfamiliar city by myself when I went to Calgary. Not really exotic, but I felt very successful anyhow.

    December - early December we went back to Yellowknife for a couple days to supervise the movers and clean out the apartment. Nothing like -30C to remind you why you left. About two weeks later the movers finally brought our stuff. And then we had exciting things like sofas and our bed and all our kitchen stuff. That was nice. It'd be 5 months without our stuff at that point.

    January - we weren't good at putting things away so our basement was a disaster. I wrote all my tests to get my life insurance license.
    At the end of January I had an anxiety-crisis, I call it. I've struggled with varying degrees of anxiety for a long time. But it got to the point where I couldn't calm down at all, and was basically non-functional. A couple people recommended a program at the big hospital here where you can get seen right away. So I went to that. I talked to a therapist a bit, especially about my childhood, which was chaotic, to it one way. And I started anti-anxiety meds.

    February - the first week was pretty terrible. The meds/my brain were up and down. I was going from pretty severe depression and lethargy, to anxiety. I never knew what the day would bring. It was rough. I didn't do much on my business.
    We then celebrated my 40 birthday by doing the Escape Room thing with my two local siblings and their spouses. That was really fun. I recommend it. By the middle of February, my mental state was a lot more stable. And continues to be so. I think the medication is helping.
    Near the end of February I went on an awesome trip to Seattle to meet people I'd met on the old SLN and the Mr. Money Mustache forums. It was a great time. We got good weather. I walked a lot. It was a great break and the people were delightful.
    We also managed to get our house finally all good so everything is put away and all rooms are usable. That was great. I'm looking forward to some gardening for the first time in over 10 years, except a couple containers.

    March - now I've been working on my business quite extensively. It's going well. I started my big marketing push this week. I plan to start advertising some money skills workshops next week, to get in front of more people. I'm networking with several other professionals with similar clientele.
    I really wish winter would end, but the end is in sight now.
    Here is my FB page (with link to website) if you are interested:

    I still lurk here often, but I have to use website blockers to minimize how much time I waste, since I use my computer constantly for business stuff.

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    Thanks for the update! (ctg492) as I was known by. I always look forward to reading your ongoing story.

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