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    Physical Therapy

    So I just have to vent and ask a question. I have had pain in my left shoulder and arm and decreasing levels of function since an accident 13 months ago. Had xrays, etc. at the time, then 4 months later... was basically told "nothing is wrong, stop being such a baby, your body needs time to heal from the accident, live with it." Well, I'm damn tired of "living with it" so I went back to the doctor, only to be told now I have a "frozen shoulder" and need physical therapy! Hello?!?! Isn't that what I asked for 8 months ago?!

    Go to the PT appointment this morning, Veteran's day, a day off from work, spend 2+ hours there, only to be told I can't have PT because I still pain!! What the H---!!!

    Of course I looked it up on line and everything I read says that without PT the frozen shoulder will likely resolve in about 3 years!! but most likely all function will NOT be regained!

    Does this make any sense at all to anyone? if so, please explain, because it makes no sense to me!!

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    That's kind of odd. Around here it seems they are eager to push the PT really early, like so early it hurts early.
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    Can you go to another PT? I agree it sounds odd. Here, sometimes I go to a PT before a doctor, because I've had a much better experience with every PT compared to every doctor, with muscle/joint/bone things.

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    I think the PT would be more useful before the frozen shoulder started, and as I understand it, PT is usually a bit painful because it's preventing conditions like frozen shoulder. I'm sure they could have given you some sort of exercises and bodywork that would have helped you at that time. And how would a frozen shoulder resolve itself in three years?

    My recent shoulder and arm injury won't require surgery but I'll be starting PT in three weeks if my fracture continues to heal. There isn't much pain, but an uncomfortable burning/stinging going on, which makes it sensitive to the touch. Dr. says this is normal; I'm assuming it's from the nerve damage. I'm hoping this will be gone when I begin PT even though I don't believe it will prevent me from stretching those muscles. Perhaps in your case, your pain would have made PT tortuous for you, but they could have modified it for you.

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    My mother had frozen shoulder, no injury or other condition precipitated her getting it. And then just for fun, she got it in her other shoulder!

    She did have some range of motion physical therapy in hopes to improve/shorten the 1 - 3 year lifespan of the condition. I think she may have had one or two cortisone shots but found them so painful I don't recall her having any more than that.

    It did take about two and a half years or so for the condition to run its course but she has been doing fine since.

    Sorry you are getting crappy medical care. Do your research and keep searching for the right Doctor.

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    A co-worker of mine is dealing with frozen shoulder. She's getting PT and seeing a chiropractor. The PT also includes massage. She has had a great increase in her range of motion in the frozen shoulder, although she's not back to 100%. But she is seeing results from the treatment.

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    HI, I think you should try the Trigenics Treatment Procedure . it is totally Non-Surgical Procedure and work for frozen knee and shoulder pain . See if you can find any treatment center near you .

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