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Thread: What have you found on netflix

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    DH and I have been binge-watching Mad Men for the past two weeks. 3 episodes a night. We'll probably complete 7 years of programming before Thanksgiving.

    We are so into it. It's not just because of the quality of the show--the writing, casting, acting--but we LIVED that life! All those 60s references just make us smile. And not just that--we also complete relate to the New York commuter lifestyle. DH worked on 5th Ave as an ad space salesman for House Beautiful and Boating Magazines; I worked at NBC, 30 Rock as a secretary in the unit managers department. The office culture is SO familiar to us. The attitudes towards the office "girls"--the ambition and cosmopolitan after-work habits. We also relate to the life in the suburbs: they lived in towns we lived in in Westchester County. We rode Metro North every day to work and back.

    It truly feels like stepping back in time, and we are fully engrossed.
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    No Netflix, but I have been watching all kinds of movies on Pluto TV (free). Very nice assortment.
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