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Thread: Your best simple living advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    In my world there is only one noise more annoying than the dishwasher, and that is the electric sweeper.
    I recently found an old-fashioned carpet sweeper for $5, and I'm in heaven! Saves me dragging out the vacuum for most clean-ups.
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    We cook most of our meals from scratch and until recently always washed by hand. Last year I started to get backaches and hot flashes every time I washed the dishes so I had one put in and I loooooove it. So much. I run it almost every day (sometimes twice a day) and it's usually quite full. Pots, pans, prep bowls, rice cooker, it fills up quickly. I can also throw in the pet bowls. I also use my big pots and pans more often because I can just put in them in the machine instead of scrubbing by hand, so I make bone broth and soup quite a bit. Every time I hear it purring away, I smile and feel grateful for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    In my world there is only one noise more annoying than the dishwasher
    If ours is running, I can't hear it once I walk away from the (open) kitchen. Our kids have one that is (allegedly) so quiet that it has a red LED that shines on the floor when the load is done because (allegedly) otherwise you'd never know the DW was done (or maybe the LED shines while it's running; either way). Our DW was just behind the refrigerator as the most expensive appliance in the house and I don't regret spending that money for one New York minute.
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    Our dishwasher was 300. We went to Sears’s outlet and they were selling them cheap because they were discontinued. It is super quiet.

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    I love the dishwasher. It's right up there with the clothes washer. Put stuff in it comes out cleaner than by hand!

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