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Thread: How much do you volunteer? Where?

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    All these posts go to prove that there are a lot of good things happening, some small and some really large efforts but they all make a difference.
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    I'm still acclimating to my new home town, and plan to volunteer more in the future.

    I currently volunteer one day a week (4 hours) at the public library. I really enjoy it; lots of little kids, friendly people, mindless busy work.
    I am also a Friend of the Library and do occasional volunteering with them - weeding the library garden and helping to set up the book sale.
    I'm taking course through OLLI (an adult education program) and have volunteered for a couple of events there.

    I also do some individual stuff - picking up dog poop and litter along the alleys and in the parks, making seed bombs (native wildflowers/pollinators). Whenever I walk downtown I take a handful of quarters and some one dollar bills and spend time talking with the homeless.

    In general, I prefer to volunteer for one-time gigs - like a day removing invasive plants or helping to rebuild trails. I do plan on becoming an emergency response volunteer, but the training hours conflict with my regular job.
    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. -- Gandalf

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