I agree Lainey........no sense in being tormented! Sometimes I do 300 piece ones, just to be sure to have fun! ha ha

It's funny, one of the first ones I did last year was a christmas gift from my daughter. I think she bought the wrong one......not the one I mentioned. It was the hardest one I've ever done. I think I posted the puzzle pic......it was an owl on a tree in winter......all grays/whites. It drove me crazy. It actually started depressing me......but since it was from my DD, I kept on and finished it. I know this sounds nutty, but I've learned, if I really like the image, I can keep going, even if it's days until I find just a couple pieces. For some reason, that seems to be good for me, rather than quitting. I think my OCD helps me through too. hahaha

My son is a pescatarian, who sometimes eats red meat, but not often. Anyhow........he loves hotdogs. Go figure! Anyhow, I bought him a puzzle of hotdogs for him to put together, since I thought he'd enjoy that. Well, it drove him crazy and he quit. I told him to send it home and I'd go crazy for him. hahaha It was the worst puzzle to put together. Everything kept coming apart so easily. I ended up putting heavy coasters on different areas to keep it together. I finally finished it, glued it and put it in a frame for him. hahaha I find it really curious that I like doing them so much. Oh well......there are worse addictions!