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Thread: Year two of the elephant

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    I try to avoid appliances with a ton of features because I don't use them. But they are hard to find. Sears here has a scratch and dent center where you can often get good deals. Pretty soon you will have to change the title of this thread to Year Three.

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    CL, regarding "basic" appliances, look for a place that sells to apartment complexes.

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    Where would one look for apartment complex appliances?

    the kids responded, and I am making the big goodwill/bookstore/free store run on Thursday because I can time it conveniently with no extra driving. Randomly, that will also be the start of year three.

    dh installed the porch lights and is now working on outlets in the new room.

    i'm making some progress in the basement. I only found a couple of small things to get rid of, but I am getting things sorted, organized,and put away such that it is becoming two functional rooms. I moved the storage cupboard mil brought me down from it's parking spot in the addition to a useful spot in the basement, but it is still empty. It's nice to have some empty space available as I am sorting and putting away the things that are still piled on surfaces and packed in boxes.

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