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Thread: Do you maintaine a Facebook community page?

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    I assume that facebook allows everyone who can see an original post to also see every comment. It didn't used to be that way which led to some odd threads where people didn't have the ability to see every comment that was posted to something. It actually makes sense but I wish facebook was more clear about the fact that this is how it is (if it is indeed how it is.) But my profile is locked down pretty tight so even if some friend of a friend thinks I'm a wackjob and wants to they can't come to my wall and start spouting off on my status updates because they can't see them. Nor can they see who my friends are.

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    I have a personal facebook page with only like 10 people on it and I haven't posted on it in forever. My kids do though and more than they email me I might add. But two things are bugging me, I went and made mine private and deleted some people but now they are all back and it is no longer private, so how did that happen? The other thing is that when I am applying for jobs, many companies are demanding your social media so that they can use it to advertise. Some of this data collection stuff is to make money too. Those pennies that they make from selling your info adds up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    does anyone here maintan a Facebook community page? This s NOT a "personal" page.

    I guess I will be doing that for our community Garden, once I understand the ramifications.

    comments, suggestions? Words of wisdom?
    Yes, I have a group, which I guess would be considered a community. It is RVing Lifestyle.
    Having at least two people watching for the comments not being spammy is important. Putting up (pinned post) the rules is important too.

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    Oh this is Interesting about FB: I've been outed to the Zuckerberg police after 10+ years of usng a nome de plume that isnt a real name.

    Now, I will have to use a nome de plume that resembles a real name. Bummer. I still wont use my real name, I dont want to be findable on FB although there is one way, if someone put their mind to it.

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