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I have no desire to increase my taxes, but taxing gas - actually making people pay the true cost of unsubsidized gas - might discourage people from driving.

I am THAT worried. I rarely drive; I walk, bus, or bike. There should be some incentive to get people the heck out of their cars!
Your response is both humorous and concerning at the same time. You may walk, bus or bike all you please but the automobile is not something we want to purge from the great improvements to life that the industrial revolution provided. How would you get your food, prescriptions, necessities of life? Reminds me of an old Dave Macon song :

Jordon Am A Hard Road to Travel

1. I'm gonna sing you a brand new song,
It's all the truth for certain;
We cain't live high, but we can get by,
And get on the other side of Jordan.

Oh, pull off your overcoat and roll up your sleeves,
Jordan's a hard road to travel;
Oh, pull off your overcoat and roll up your sleeves,
Oh, Jordan is a hard road to travel, I believe.

2. The public schools and the highways
Are raisin' quite an alarm;
Get a country man educated just a little,
And he ain't a-gonna work on the farm. CHO.

3. I don't know, but I b'lieve I'm right,
The auto's ruined the country;
Let's go back to the horse and buggy,
And try to save some money. CHO.

4. I know a man that's an evangelist,
His tabernacle's always full;
People come from miles around
Just to hear him shoot the bull. CHO.

5. You may talk about your evangelist,
You may talk about Mister Ford too;
Well, Henry's shakin' more hell out of folks Than all the evangelists do. CHO.

6. Rain forty nights, gonna rain forty days,
Gonna rain on the Allegheny mountains;
Gonna rain forty horses and dominicker mules,
Gonna take us on the other side of Jordan. CHO.