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Thread: Volunteer at Horse Rescue

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    Volunteer at Horse Rescue

    Until this year, I had no idea there was a horse rescue in my town. Sometime in February, I saw a posting on line and contacted the barn manager about volunteering. About thirty years ago, I worked with horses as a small barn manager for a private place in Rhode Island and New Jersey. I used to be strong, fit and loved the outdoors. I also loved horses. But, by my late twenties I made a change and sometimes regretted that choice.

    Now, I am back at a barn on Sunday mornings helping to care for 12 horses. This shelter is just on the outskirts of town with about 18 open acres of land. The place is well managed and horses looking for new homes. Several have been and are leaving soon for new homes. After two months as a volunteer, I decided to take on the commitment to parital sponsor a horse. The donation is $50 a month. It's the best I can do.

    Some will be happy to read I cut my internet and tv with Charter Communication to support the horse. This is my first week without being connected and I am coping with the change. I plan on stopping over once a week to groom and get to know the horse and continue with Sunday chores. It's hard work but I get to be outside and have a lot of skills to offer. I haven't lost my love of horses.

    I am making a difference in a way that matters.
    Here is a link to my blog page

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    This is very cool!

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    That is awesome! They are wonderful creatures.

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