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Thread: Shrinking middle class transforming communities nationwide, new study says

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    I just don't want to see the day when we're all drinking from the same trough.
    I often refused the wine at mass because I felt it was drinking from a communal trough. Maybe I am not as socialist as I thought!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    This is more a result of the abuse of monetary policy. The purchasing power of the dollar is constantly under attack from excess debt, taxpayer bailout and economic "stimulus."
    That is my issue, it is not true capitalism here. We have had our fingers in everything and now maybe we should cut the welfare for the corporations. I don't have an issue helping the very poor, sick and mentally ill. It really isn't as big of a part of the budget as people like to think. I have been learning more the last couple years about how much money goes to companies who don't pay living wages. My soapbox is if you are going to get bailouts and extreme tax breaks then you need to follow certain guidelines. If you can run your company that way without our tax dollars more power to you,

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