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Thread: What would you do?

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    This story just brought back a very old memory. When I was in my 20's we lived on a dead end street off of a busy st. It was night and I was alone and driving a big old truck. No cell phones back then either. When I get to the corner I see a middle aged man with a trench-coat nicely dressed talking to a girl about 12 while she is crying and backing up. Actually back in the day he was dressed like a plainclothes detective would but the car was kind of shabby. So I back up some and watch. He keeps approaching so I back up more and angle my truck right at the man and open the window and yell "don't touch her." He comes to the window and shows me a badge saying he is a cop and going to give her a ride home since she looks upset. I tell him that if he goes near her I will run him over with the truck, call the cops and sort it out later. I then tell him I will be the only one giving her a ride home. After a little while he leaves and I give the girl a ride home. I am sure a real cop would have called for backup. I was not very assertive when I was that young but I had 3 young kids and all my Mommy instincts just popped into gear. I was prepared to run him over and I think he got that loud and clear.

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    Good job Teacher Terry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Before i read what you did i was thinking get license plate # and then call cops. You handled it perfectly. It is most likely that CPS will be called in to investigate.
    I was going to say ditto, I'd do the same. Good going, especially on behalf of a little kid.

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