These are things I currently splurge on, that I could live without if I needed to:
1) Our cat
2) Our car (would walk, use public transport, bike, or bum rides)
3) Meat (use other protein sources exclusively)
4) Our washing machine and dryer if they broke (washboard, tub, hang dry)
5) A lot of decorative items and keepsakes that increase the size of home we have to have to hold it all.
6) The TV ""
7) Internet at home (would bike to the library or wherever there is public wifi)
8) House phone (would just use the tracfone)
9) U.S. dental care (cheaper to just fly out of country to get the teeth done)
10) New clothes (I would just use what I have)
11) Hot water heater if it broke (boil on stove/solar heat for dishes)
12) Paper towels, napkins (use old cloths, newspapers, etc.)
13) Hotel rooms (camp, couch serf, or stay home)
14) Restaurant/fast food (always pack a lunch)
15) Too much food (I could eat half as much as I do and be perfectly healthy)