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Thread: Live where you want and you never have to go on a "vacation"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frugal-one View Post
    Read that using lavender essential oil deters bedbugs. I always put 3 drops in the bed before retiring. Lavender is also relaxing and aids in sleep. Am an avid traveler and have avoided bedbugs thus far!
    Me, too.
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    Thank you for posting about this. I am going on a trip next year and checked the motel on Bed Bug Registry and also picked up some other tips.

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    We've relied on a couple of on-line sources: Bed Bug Registry and Bed Bug Reports. Obviously, bed bugs can appear in an instant and it's possible a place can be listed by someone who was lucky enough to miss a room with bedbugs. But we inspect anyway and have never had an issue with a place not listed on either registry.

    ETA sorry if this duplicates info up-thread.
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