Wasn't quite sure where to put this topic, but since it's sort of relationship related, this was as good as anything.

My possible new beau is an avid scuba diver. I did some googling and it was interesting reading. He's actually a recently certified dry suit diver. Anyway, I thought I'd do some reading since it's a big interest of his. He's not said anything that he would like me to try it yet (sort of early for that), but I've got one heck of a strong fear of deep water. I don't like being in water deeper than I can stand in with my head out of the water. I can swim, but learned as a teenager. Come to think of it, I'm fine on boats and other floaty things on the Great Lakes. It's swimming pools that seem to trigger the fear, now that I think about it. Anyway, I've come a lot of blogs and such online from people who used learning to scuba dive as a way of conquering their fear.

The other issue is a strange one. I have an extremely strong gag reflex. I have to have an empty stomach (other than water or tea) when I have a dentist appointment. A couple of years they did impressions for something and my breakfast of cereal and milk came up, all over me. The heaving didn't stop until my stomach was empty and beyond. I'm wondering if the mouthpiece (regulator?) used in scuba diving would set off my gag reflex. I have a "flipper" from the dentist to cover a missing tooth (needs an implant and they are thousands of dollars). The flipper covers a good portion of the roof of my mouth. It hits the spot towards the back of the roof of my mouth that triggers my gag reflex. I can't wear it, as a result.

Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!