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Thread: City mouse or country mouse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaneV2.0 View Post
    Isn't a rural lifestyle anything but simple? It seems to me much more complicated--from getting supplies to attending to medical needs--let alone maintaining acreage. I guess it's all in how you define "simple."
    I've said this before and I truly believe this, simple living does not always mean easier. A major part of simple living for me personally is un-cluttering my life (my stuff, my calendar, my commitments, toxic relationships etc..) so that I can focus more on those things that really matter. Building worthwhile relationships, following my faith, serving others,mentoring, being involved in community, pursuing my passions and slowing down so that I am not being rushed by the day to day.

    It takes longer to prepare meals from scratch. From planning the meal, gathering ingredients from the farmers market and local butcher, kneading the bread dough by hand and often times slow cooking everything. It takes time to grow my small vegetable garden and tend to weeds and pests that can get into it. It takes time to hang my clothes on the clothes line, rather than tossing them into a dryer, not to mention planning as I have to watch what the weather is doing. It takes time to live car light (meaning I will bike or walk if possible and minimize how often I take my car anywhere). So the two mile bike ride with panniers to the grocer takes longer, as does packing everything into the panniers. Yet each of these tasks adds to my life and makes it richer in some way.

    It also takes time to budget and plan around a much smaller income, as I gave up working full time and went to part time so that I could live a more simple, less stressed, life. It means being creative in the kitchen, making my own cleaning supplies, taking time to repair clothing and home goods etc.

    I should note that none of the above tasks take as much time as commuting five days a week and working 40+ not to mention the high the cost coming home exhausted, stressed or both.

    As to where you live effecting how easy it will be to live a simple life. I feel that it doesn't really matter. You can live a simple life just about anywhere. The big city, trailer park, small town, suburb, boondocks. etc... Simple living is about attitude and making space and time to do those things to add value to your life. Each person is an individual and you need to examine what speaks to your soul. What gives you a sense of purpose and peace and work with that. If being surrounded by culture (theater, arts etc.) is your thing then perhaps a small apartment in a city is the best fit for you. If you find that being with people and an active part of your community enriches your life then maybe a small town is the better fit. Does doing your own thing and not needing to rely on anyone speak to your heart? Then maybe living off grid out in the middle of nowhere is the place for you. Each location has it's pros and cons and will result in a different picture of simple living being played out.


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    Artist, agree, simplicity can be found in any environment.

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    I also agree with Artist but would add that simplicity could mean something entirely different to someone who truly loves their work. I'm thinking of people like scientists working on a cure for cancer, or doctors who care passionately about helping their patients, but I suppose it could also apply to a business person who loves making deals or whoever else. For them maybe simplicity is hiring a maid and a cook and whoever with their salary that they get for doing what they love so that they can focus their life energy on their passion.

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