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Thread: Bike lane, no support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    I certainly understand, but also around certain parts here cyclists can also get a genuine bad rap. Riding double, blowing through stop signs and lights, not using reflective gear and lights in the dim hours, riding on high traffic streets with narrow shoulders, and blazing like they are in the tour de france when they should be using caution. Even on dedicated bike trails I've had close calls. I almost had a head-on with another cyclist who was trying to text with one hand while riding a curvy narrow trail. There is a small but not insignificant segment of cyclists who have an attitude, like I'm on a bike and you're not so I am better that you and it's my road. I could even argue a case that the 23x700 and 25x700 road bike tires have too little road contact and do not belong in the city except on dedicated bike trails (or out on the open road). I don't like it and it's not right, but it is little wonder some drivers get a little road rage over cyclists.

    In my riding style I believe that in any situation where the right of way is debatable, the auto always has the right of way regardless of the law.
    I think you're quite right. As both driver and cyclist, my observation has been that basic stupidity is distributed about equally between the two modes of transportation. I makes good sense for the more vulnerable party in the transaction to err on the side of survival.

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    Where I live people like to "come out to the country" and go on spontaneous distance rides in big packs on "country roads". These roads have 55 mph speed limits and little or no shoulder. The groups are upwards of 30 and strung out in long multibike wide columns that treat stop signs and turns as if the whole pack is a single vehicle (the guy in front stops, and then, once he starts back up, everybody goes...). More than once I have come over a blind curve at 35 mph and found bikes spread across both lanes.

    my Dd's transportation from 14-17 was her bike. She was careful, respectful, legal, and yielded to everyone. She got honked at, flashed at, tailed (when she was riding on the very edge of the road in a passing zone and could easily have been passed), and cussed at. She debated hanging an smv triangle on her back fender like a tractor, or just getting a t-shirt that said "local kid, no car."

    everytime I encounter one of those brightly attired packs of bikers being stupid, I want to turn my car across the road, get out of it, grab one (who is probably 20 years younger, 6 inches taller, and much stronger than I) and yell "you are the reason people harassed my child!" In his face.

    otoh, now and then I run across 2 or 3 who get to a stop sign, realize there are 5 cars behind them, pull over and wave us by before starting back up. I always wave and smile.

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    Sadly another bike rider was hit and killed two nights ago in the town. I would have to look and see how many that has been in the county this year

    I have almost taken time off from riding. Road running too. Maybe next year.................

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    SO Almost one year has passed and no change to the lane or adding more, imagine it will not happen. The town is very local. The first small round about is being finished soon. OH the griping is worse then the bike lane! A video is on the city FB page to explain how to use it. First it makes the town look like hicks that have never left the city, but worse the comments are amazing and tips on how to go through the parking lots to avoid it. Good Heavens how will they get to Frosty Boy!

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