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Thread: A mini bucket list of things to do

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    Of course we also have this kind of bucket list. But one thing that really got on my nerves when times were tougher was this living in the future thing. "Next month, when we have a little more money, we can...", "When I have some more time...", worst "Some day, I want to..."

    So I try to avoid putting things on my bucket list, but just do them. Of course I cannot go to the Route 66 trip I always wanted to do at right now. But we try to do the little fun things as fast as possible and enjoy something nice every day.

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    Someday, the 8th day of the week

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    Yes! this is exactly what I've thought of.

    Last year during winter months I tried out a rule that we must go to a new place 1X weekly, or at least visit a place we havent seen for some months. It can even be in the city. It kinda worked, we got out to see new thngs about 2-3 times a month. i also threw in to "count" toward the 1X weekly event that I must attend a theatrical production at least once a month. Movies don't count. And since I cant stand musicals, it is almost always dance or drama, and I will go to occasional operas. I am learning the location of all of the small theatres in St. louis includng the ones that allow wine. Yay! We have a wealth of small, professional theater companies.

    so, the places to visit on my immediate list are:

    Chess Hall of Fame--current chess art exhibit and curator talk

    Missouri History Museum -- Route 66 exhibit, take DH (I saw it once already)

    Documents museum--a new one in town set up by a wealthy guy

    Jefferson Barracks museum of largely civil war army items from St. louis--take DH. I went last year and need to spend more time there

    Grant's Farm-- before the Busch family closes it down. i have never been; DH has been there many times

    Eugene Field House Museum--it has been 20 years since I visited that victorian house, the home of Eugene Field, Victorian writer

    African -American History museum

    Scott Joplin House and museum

    and, I need to make several trips to the St. lous Art Museum to become familiar with their permenant collection. i go there once a year for Art in Bloom and it so CRAZY then with hundreds of people in big crowds, ned to go at quieter times.

    That is a short list, there will be others. I am scoping out the theatrical productions to attend now thru next spring and am really concentrating on the small venues, skipping over the
    fabulous Fox and its highly commercial productions. I adore that old gaudy theater but dont much love the productions.
    So have you been to the Vacuum museum? That's on my list to do next time we're up by St Louis. Also Grant's Farm, I went many times when little...but I've never taken the kids. Another MO things I need to do is the 4 remaining covered bridges. My parents are near the one outside of Madison, MO and I've been to that one a lot, but not the other 3. Though I've been, I've never taken husband or kids to Elephant Rocks or Johnson Shut-Ins. So many things to do without leaving the state.
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    Inspired me to set up a day this week to visit a few museums in the area that I have wanted to visit for more than 30 years and never have. Thursday is the day and going to out to a new/different restaurant too. Woohoo!

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    haha, that Vacuum museum, nope, havent been there. It is a little way out of my immediate way. I have too many small museums to visit here in town. I didn't even name all of them, just the top 10% on my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenclaire View Post
    Local places to visit (all 30-minutes or under away)

    - Visit local wetlands bird reserve (Burton Mere)
    - have a coffee in the independent coffee shop in town (Elephant Coffee)
    - walk round the walls of Chester
    - the cathedral falconry centre
    - go to an open air concert in the Roman amphitheatre
    - take a boat trip on the River Dee
    - visit the Military museum
    - visit the new ancient Egypt display at Liverpool museum
    - visit Ness Botanical Gardens
    - take the open air bus trip around Chester
    - visit Lady Lever art gallery
    - visit Port Sunlight village
    - visit Williamson art gallery
    - walk/cycle the Wirral way
    - visit Speke Tudor Hall
    - go to the top of the radio city tower
    - visit Parkgate at High tide to see the bird displays.
    I have nearly actually done two of my list now. I have been for coffee in the little coffee shop - will be going back there again, it was lovely and far nicer than the Starbucks type places. This afternoon I'm going to the Lady Lever gallery.

    Has anyone else checked off any yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenclaire View Post
    I have nearly actually done two of my list now. I have been for coffee in the little coffee shop - will be going back there again, it was lovely and far nicer than the Starbucks type places. This afternoon I'm going to the Lady Lever gallery.

    Has anyone else checked off any yet?
    Not yet, although I thought about the list last night when we were across the street from the oldest rest. in Michigan, getting ice cream because the ice cream place closes Nov. 6 for the season. I almost took a picture of the restaurant to post here and will try to do so this week.

    I did get back to the town I grew up in for the wedding of my goddaughter, and got to see places I had not seen in 48 years, which was very eerie and bucket-listish. My old country club had disappeared and looked like a post apocalytic landscape--very disturbing. My old church, however, was going strong, a haven of spirituality in an urban center doing lots and lots of good works. So that was pretty awesome.

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    I have been doing this also. I have always wanted to ride the Mac Woods Dune Buggy rides at Silver Lake (MI), so we did that this summer. Kind of hokey in spots but so much fun. There were a couple of really small kids behind us who were having such a good time it made the ride even more fun.

    And I have always wanted to take a horse & carriage ride around Mackinac Island so we hired one of the private carriages (with a driver) and really enjoyed the ride.

    Oh, and I caught my first teeny brook trout on a fly rod!

    My DH had found a few geocaches in new areas too.

    Now I am on the hunt for some Christmas outings that DH & I can both agree on.

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