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Thread: meditation, at 22 days and teaching!

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    meditation, at 22 days and teaching!

    I just wanted to share a little, I know there are other meditators out there. I am at 22 days unbroken, and at 260 logged days on my timer app. It is wonderfully motivating to track these things, however I already love data in general. I am also doing some teaching and other work, in schools I only use the word mindfulness. I just realized how much I am doing, and how much more settled I have been overall.

    * teaching 2 classrooms in the Mindful Schools curriculum. That is 2 times a week for 15 minutes spots, for 8 weeks. I did 7 classrooms last year as a volunteer in addition to my full time job at the same school.
    * I need media release forms from the classrooms and then get a photo and then they can quote me on the Mindful Schools website
    * I am still facilitating once a month with Dharma Punx here in Denver
    * working with my Women's Facilitator Group and expanding that work, we are now meeting with a group that does a weekly interactive phone call to connect and expand our facilitation skills which is really an honor
    * I am teaching weekly at the youth homeless drop-in center, wow this is fun, and we had a fundraiser event last night to screen a documentary about the work. If you want to know more about that look for BeMindful or watch the TEdTalk by AnneMarie Rossi.
    * i have taught one adult class in our department, I need to plan the next one. The plan was monthly for 2 hours.

    Okay feeling so dang mindful, but I can't sit right now because my Pandora station is playing some awesome music and I can't pull myself away (Minutemen, Bob Mould, Fugazi, ahhh)

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    Sounds great. What is your Pandora station for meditation? Mine is Meditation by the Sea. Which timer app are you using?
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