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Thread: What are you watching Streaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    Well, if the story line didn't take enough of a downhill slide, Kevin Spacey put the topper on killing the show. On the other hand, since Claire turns out to be just as evil as Francis, the show may renew itself with her having him bumped off after learning he's a pedophile. The best fiction always has a ring of truth.
    Yeah, the story that broke today about Spacey molesting a young man just last year cements him as a a pariah, he is done in Hollywood. Too bad because there was a time when I thought he was tops, long about the year of American Beauty which is in my to ten films. But there wasnt anything great he did since, and before American Beauty he was an excellent bad guy in a couple of memorable films.

    There is that small subplot in House of Cards about Francis’ penchent for men, and Claire accomodating that, so that is interesting and I wonder what triggered the writers to include that, hmmm.

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    Watching Alias Grace but ever since I downgraded Netflix to basic level I have to restart it every three minutes. Really liking the show though.

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