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Thread: Checking out charities?

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    This year, my son suggested we really cut back on gifting for Christmas because he has a few unexpected expenses and can't really afford a lot of gifts. I'm so fine with that! So I told them that I would prefer they purchase something from just a couple of specific businesses I would like to see patronized, or they could give a small amount to charities I like--in this case the Northeast Organic Farming Association, NRDC, and the Bowery Mission--I just recently learned that my father died on the street, homeless, found on a cold, rainy night outside of 4 Spring Street, which is right around the corner from the Bowery Mission. Coincidentally, I volunteered for them on MLK Day a few years back. I just know my father probably availed himself of those services, so I would like to help them provide services and meals to other men and women like my father.
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    That is really sad about your father, Catherine, I am really sorry. I think that makes a donation there very very meaningful for the whole family. Gosh that is really sad. My husband's grandfather had that kind of death, after abandoning the family. I recently was doing geneaology of my husband's family and learned that he had been a circus musician with his father, who had played in the Sousa band as well.
    I think donating something there would be honoring your father's memory, for you and for your son. That a nice idea.

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    I'm sorry about your dad, Catherine. That is very sad.

    In the past, I've bought fruit trees for a family in a Third World country, given to our local food pantry, Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society. This year I was thinking of "sponsoring" some animals from World Wildlife Fund, like sloths.

    Thanks, all, for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frugalone View Post
    Does anyone know of a web site similar to the Better Business Bureau, where you can find out if a charity is legitimate and whether it's got any complaints against it?

    At this time of year, I'm receiving requests/suggestions for donations. Generally I donate to our local food pantry, but am considering widening my horizons.


    I go to each ones website for info.

    One of my favorites is St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis TN.

    83 cents of each dollar go to research and treatment for children with cancer.

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