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Thread: 2017 what films are you watching?

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    Sausage Party: an animated comedy just as smutty as you would think it is from the title. DH and I laughed. It was stupid and lightly entertaining, the first half anyway. By the last half I was kinda done.

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    It was stupid and lightly entertaining,
    Given that I never grew up from say, 7th grade, this movie hit the silly button.

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    DH and I watched "Murder in the First".......supposedly based on a true story about a man who spent way too much time in solitary confinement in Alcatraz around 1934. Kevin Bacon did some great acting. It wasn't a bad film......and interesting since it was based on a true story (supposedly). But later we did some research and it was ridiculously far from the story it was supposedly based on.'s an interesting story, but NOT based on much of any actual events.

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    Finally watched Manchester by the Sea. It brought up deep feelings of what it feels like to lose a brother and/or children and so it felt real to me in a way that many movies don't. Dark but I liked it.

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