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Thread: What are you reading 2017?

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    I read Bettyville recently too and liked it. Currently reading Vegan Betrayal since I'm always interested in topics of nutrition. Don't necessarily follow any particular diet anymore as all the info is so opposed to each other but this book had some interesting info about the value of fat and protein in our diets. According to the author, the long term effects of veganism are not known and can be disastrous healthwise for some. I tend to be a comitted omnivore these days but still find the arguments interesting.

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    Ill put Bettyville on my list for later reading, it sounds good.

    I havent read anything and cant right now, too much iris work and flower show reading to do.oh right, I have been reading The Hamdbook for Flower Shows by National Garden Club, sudying it for the upcoming test.

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    "The Case Against Sugar", Gary Taubes. The history of sugar in the American Diet, its pervasive inclusion as an ingredient in almost everything stocked on grocery shelves and the evidence that our addiction to sugar has fueled obesity, fatty liver disease, insulin resistance, heart disease and an epidemic of diabetes. A critical look at the sugar industry's profiteering at the expense of the health of the population in many of the same ways tobacco was able to market cigarettes (did you know some were infused with sugar). It calls into question the research that was used to permit sugar to remain on the "generally recognized as safe" list of the FDA. Provides food for thought, so to speak.

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    "Bettyville" does sound good...will have to look for that.

    Recently finished "The Stranger in the Woods," by Michael Finkel. It's the story of the hermit who was found living in a tent in central Maine after more than 20 years of breaking into cabins and homes to eke out his living alone. The only words he spoke to another human being in all that time was "hi" when he came upon some hikers unexpectedly. One day he just drove into the woods, abandoned his car and decided to stay out there in the woods. He really never gave any particular reason. It was fascinating. Written by the only journalist Christopher Knight ever spoke to.
    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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