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Thread: What are you reading 2017?

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    Reading relevant (to me) parts of Ray Dalio's Principles. There are some interesting ideas regarding how we look at our "goals" in life and work.

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    I'm reading What Happened by H. Clinton. Just finished Frankenstein, M. Shelley (did you know she was only 18 when she penned that?).

    Upcoming are The Sympathizer and the new Le Carre, because I gave it to DH for his birthday. The gift that keeps on giving. He's doing a LeCarre retrospective, though, before tackling the new book, to be sure he's up to date enough to read it.

    I have a pretty tall stack that collected this fall while I was working too much to read. I am grateful for time off and plenty of books.

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    About ten years ago I read Ringworld by Larry Niven.

    I am thinking about reading the suquel -- The Ringworld Engineers. My dad loved the Ringworld books. I thought the first one was pretty good.

    At the moment I just really want a smart, space adventure to provide some escapism. It is frigid here, with some snow here and there, it is all dark grey and brown outside. I want to slip into a fantasy world for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    Since I found out I'm going to be a first time granny, I am reading a book called The Danish Way of Parenting that I want to pass on to DD. I am very concerned about the way kids are being raised (or not) these days but that's another thread.
    as each preceding generation is by the prior generation. But most of us turn out OK if we are loved and cared for. I imagine they may not be welcoming of parenting advice. I was not.

    Back to books

    “The Weight of Ink” is fabulous. Just wonderful writing about a discovery of old manuscripts.

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