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Thread: A HUGE Milestone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmerullo View Post
    Good job,G!

    It actually addresses one of my fears - not correctly projecting the future, to our detriment when we are no,longer able to earn the difference back.

    Hope that makes sense.
    Certainly does make sense. It is difficult to make that decision for ourselves. We didn't hire them until last year. I thought we would both need to work until we were 65. They've helped us make some better decisions with more knowledge and have improved our returns.

    We are just 57. DH wants to work until 64 or so as he started his career later and really enjoys his new role in cybersecurity. I can retire anytime (37y as a RN). I'm currently planning on 60 but it's freeing to know I can change my mind-they would just like a little notice if I change my mind

    I encourage anyone who is concerned or uncertain, hire a financial advisor to help you. Even if you don't turn over your accounts to them-the consultation is invaluable. We didn't go into a long-term relationship for 4 months and 2 long in-person meetings. A reputable agency will work with you that way.

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    Thatís amazing SiouzQ! Itmust feel incredible! Iím curiousÖ what was the biggest lessonyou learned along the way that helped you manage your money better?

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    I may be 30k poorer than I was at this time last year. Not just unemployment, but was in a car accident, noone hurt, air bags went off, car totaled. So I had to get new (actually a slightly used) car. It's not the car I would have gotten probably if I were feeling flush, but it's a good car (so far).

    I know it's fortunate to be able to buy a new(er) car when needed (and sadly it was needed, not having transportation would be the worst type of downward cycle ... too bad we need cars here, but we do).
    If you want something to get done, ask a busy person. If you want them to have a nervous breakdown that is.

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    It sounds like your move was a very good decision SQ. I'm happy for you.

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