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Thread: Any woodburners out there?

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    Any woodburners out there?

    Happy day, everyone! Just curious, does anyone do woodburning? I've started and have done a couple of pieces. Nothing fancy, just taking wooden plaques, then using carbon paper to trace a design onto the wood, then going over the lines with a woodburner.

    Can anyone recommend worthwhile YouTube tutorials or give any tips on learning how to do things like shading? Which types/size of tip(s) to use, for example? I'm an absolute beginner and don't even know the principles of drawing and shading using a pencil, so I'm really starting from Level Zero. Thanks!

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    I thought you meant heating with wood. lol.
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    I went through 2 woodburning tools last year doing a bunch of decorations for my parent's cabin. Used slices of wood from the farm. Mom loved it. My hand sure was tired! I printed off line drawings from google images and just freehanded it...but then I have a background in drawing/painting. The best thing to do is just play around a lot with the different tips. I found that for what I was doing on this project I really only needed 2 or 3 different tips and could get all I wanted by the angle I held the tool. I remember taking woodburning in 4H years ago, that and coppertooling were probably my favorite 4H crafts.
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