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Thread: Mercy Street - PBS

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    Mercy Street - PBS

    I have been watching Mercy Street but the show seems to have declined this year in writing. Sunday's episode was all over the place. The part about the female soldier was interesting, apparently 400 women dressed like men to serve during the American Civil War - with some on the Union and some on the Confederate side. I wonder if they and their descendants got pensions? I will have to research that.

    I miss the one actress who played Nurse Phinney, not sure she is coming back to the show. The costumes (especially the women's) is beautiful and so impractical. It is interesting seeing the poor hygiene practices in the hospital, especially during surgery. No wonder so many men died.

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    We're following Season 2 also. Enjoy watching it, and then "Victoria" right after. Have to admire the stamina it took just to get through everyday life.

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