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Thread: dating is so hard

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    I had an interesting night. The Egyptian fellow wrote that he was so sorry that he had bombed me with texts, that he really feels like he doesn't know what American women want. He asked if we could meet for a sandwich and would I help him revise his profile and explain a little about how he might better approach women. he had been a perfect gentleman on our date so I agreed. We re-wrote his profile and I took his picture and then we just chatted about everything and nothing. I actually really enjoyed myself and he did not try to pursue anything but a friendship. I think we will stay friends. Between being sick and having depression for so long, I'd shut out a lot of my friends. And it turns out he does like things besides just staying home watching horror movies. He likes documentaries so I told him about netflix. He likes all kinds of museums, he likes concerts and plays. So he would be someone to do something with. It's funny, you just never know who will be part of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Float On View Post
    .let me hear you pray.

    I'm sorry but I had to LOL because that sounds like a bad line out of a porno...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
    I'm sorry but I had to LOL because that sounds like a bad line out of a porno...
    I keep thinking of that Madonna song...

    What a nice ending to your story, Freshstart. I flirted with a few foreign students in college, but they were almost all too intense and full of flowery language for my Anglo-Saxon sensibilities.

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