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Thread: 2020 Census

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    2020 Census

    I see the census will result in a handful of House seats changing hands, mostly from California, New York and Great Lakes states to the south. Not as many as the “experts” had predicted, but enough to make a slight difference. I understand New York lost a seat by 89 people, and that the Governor may be suing to appeal. We all know Mr. Cuomo’s passion for accurate records. California lost a seat (I think) for the first time in its history.

    I assume this movement is probably due to a number of causes: sunnier climes, better economic opportunity, lower taxes, etc. I also assume the majority party of the losing states will minimize the damage to their influence through redistricting.

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    I also assume the majority party in the winning states will draw districts to their advantage.

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    NY and CA both have non-partisan redistricting commissions.

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