I think that this is one of those things you get over, go to therapy or generally can't do much about. So I am looking for a bit of validation.

First of all I think I am pretty good at this stuff. I was at a family birthday party over the weekend that had a lot of moderate political differences. So there were comments about protesters, I answered calmly and did not cause more issues but still said something I needed to say. I both talked and listened. My sister said I did it well, and everyone got along well the whole day.

Meanwhile I had one of those triggering things, really made today tough with the quitting process. Basically my one supervisor and I have gone around over the years on a topic, she brings up that our arts and crafts are not challenging and skill based. When she brings up this topic of skill based she only talks about arts, not the time programs let gym time become free play or the canned, oversimple science projects. So I have talked to her about it, pointed out ways that art projects can involve skills, made my case. She just is a person who keeps pushing her point, does not back down, and then today was the required training she set up with the arts department to teach us how arts can have a skill building focus, yeah and wtf. Never talked directly to me, and I have been eloquent. But the real kicker is that when I bring up that my own kids have serious art education she says nothing, when I share (not snarky) that it has been challenging in our lives that people do not understand art it doesn't change, she then sticks to her point to the bitter end, until magically she puts together a training.

So I loved the training, I felt totally in my element with a degree in humanities with coursework in aesthetic theory. I KNOW art, I hope she learned something from it. I am sure it wasn't anything like what she expected since she admits that she does not know about art, does not do any arts/crafts, can't look at a piece of art in any form with something to say, etc. I know that I do not know sports and she loves sports but I am nice about it. I have learned. I pay attention. And I am sick of people who do not pay attention, just are rough and take energy when you are sharing and don't give it back.