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Thread: Fish Fertilizer.....

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    Fish Fertilizer.....

    Lately my yard has become more and more important to me as so much I see in the world beyond the yard just makes no sense to me these days. But getting to the point - I have planted more plants in my yard and I've found that I'm getting better results with organic 5 1 1 fish fertilizer than with higher potency non organic fertilizers. This is interesting to me - especially since I once had someone tell me that using something like Miracle Gro was akin to using crack cocaine on your plants. I wonder if there is truth to this as the fish fertilizer is really making my roses take off this year. It's only March 1st and a few of my roses are almost ready to have blooms. Amazing, two weeks early this year. Rob

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    I have used Alaska 5 1 1 fish emulsion for many years. It works well but it really stinks. .

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