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Thread: Setting A Decluttering Goal in Units of Time Using Flylady's Timer Method March 2017

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    Early morning, I think it's the adrenal response to all the stuff going on when you have little kids and a lot to do.

    my hardest challenge now is that my dh thinks I should be on his sleep schedule. Actually, that was a challenge when the kids were here too, but at least he understood why I was tired. I think he should be on my sleep schedule, which is go to bed early and get up early all the time. His is go to bed late, get up early on weekdays for work, sleep in on weekends. It wipes me out.

    anyway, good job to those who are cleaning out!

    i looked at my studio yesterday and thought that I could probably have the space under control by next spring - there will be no major building components stored in my barn by then, and if I put a little time in every week dealing with the toys that are stored in it and make my kids take or release some of them - it's workable. But I don't know if I want to commit to eating a second elephant. It's like the first elephant calved before I was done with it -lol.

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    I can share my kid's toy story. My daughter packed up and left many, many boxes when she moved out. Then she got married and had 3 boys in 4.5 years. That fifth year she came home for our town's annual yard sale and unpacked her boxes. She pulled out the Legos and a couple of other things. ALL the rest of it she put out for sale. At some point, it got too bitter sweet for me, and I went down the street to help out a friend. When I walked back at the end of the day, she was jubilant! Everything was gone.

    Like everything else in her life, she had a plan and did it in her own time, and very effectively.

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    Put in two hours yesterday moving furniture, reorganizing a few things, boxing stuff to go away..... hopefully I can get some more done today. Might help if I get off the computer....

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